Blog resource suggestion:

These were made for parasocial media, but I wonder if they might be handy for blogs, too.

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Sorry I don’t quite understand what they’re supposed to be used for or about? I don’t understand how they’re useful or kind in any way? I know it’s a cheeky way of replying to other people, but I don’t know how this is going to foster a discussion that doesn’t end up in a heated argument.

They’re mainly for use against the unkind, people who insist on explaining things you already know or making suggestions you’ve already considered and rejected as unsuitable when you have already tried to reason with them.

moved this to a new thread to discuss since the resource list is meant to be added to within the wiki post.

i think i get the vibe they’re related to what you’re saying, more for posting on social media. i think you could probably use them for blogs, but imo, i’d rather the writer just state this in a final paragraph, maybe, or as a warning at the top of the blog post. having that much real estate dedicated to a card, when you could essentially condense multiple into text, just seems like not the vibe to me. but others might get some use out of these!

Hey, that’s perfectly fair, and thanks for moving this since it wasn’t suitable for the main thread.

hey, thanks for starting the discussion! :D happy to!

They look like a simple way to express that you do not need a reply guy replying to you when you simply need to unload or vent and don’t actually need “advice” from anyone.


and some folks embrace the snark! haha

They need to make one about “do not reply to me suggesting github pages” when writing a post about wanting a simple web page host :joy:

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No kidding. And I’m not convinced that GitHub Pages is actually simple. But my idea of simple is “build locally and deploy with rsync over ssh” so what do I know?

Ohh I see, I was just very concerned that this might also lead to an argument, but I may or may not be a bit paranoid

For a positive spin, here are :) Reply Cards · Card Catalog