BellaBuffs Fork with PHPMailer Integration

BellaBuffs is a PHP script for building and managing fanlistings. My fork of BellaBuffs integrates the email sending library PHPMailer to power the email sending features from BellaBuffs.

BellaBuffs includes the optional features to email new members after submitting the join form, email the fanlisting admin when a new member joins or email new members when their applications were approved. The original BellaBuffs script achieved this by using PHP’s built-in mail() function.

I created this BellaBuffs fork when I was building the Cassette Beasts fanlisting with BellaBuffs, and I discovered that InfinityFree, the hosting service I use for my fanlisting, does not support PHP mail() function on its free hosting plan. Upon InfinityFree’s suggestion, I use PHPMailer and an external SMTP service based on InfinityFree’s PHPMailer contact form script, and later figured out how to incorporate PHPMailer into BellaBuffs.

I am releasing my BellaBuffs fork for anyone who wants to create a fanlisting, but cannot or does not want to use PHP’s built-in mail() function.

More information about my BellaBuffs fork with PHPMailer integration can be found on its GitHub repository. You can download it from the repository’s release page as well.