Badge Suggestions

if you have any suggestions for badges, i’d love to hear them!

would love to hear any ideas you might have of rewards that folks might like to have for participating in various ways across the cafe!

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Others have mentioned these for sure I just wanna get a list down;

  • Helper in the help forums, maybe with different tiers for levels of activity over there
  • Artist, gamer, etc badges for interest clubs people post in?
  • Asker-of-help
  • First website update (since being here)
  • Introduction posted?

That’s off the top of my head but I just woke up


ideas that i think are good:

  • event participation
    • is a unique badge per event too much?
    • could be tiers for # of events participated in
  • resource list contributor
  • guide or tutorial writers

idea i had that i’m not sure about:

  • linking back to the 32-bit cafe
    • too annoying to check?
    • will people accuse us of farming backlinks for SEO?
      • am i too cynical? :facepalm:

Tbh we don’t have such an insane number of events that I think a unique badge for each would be too much…? That’s a really good idea :eyes:

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started adding some of these suggestions already! thank you, they’re so good! :)

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i have added Theme Tailor and Theme Chameleon for those who have created themes for the 32-bit cafe website!