Archiving those pesky dollmakers


Remember pixel doll makers? We have been archiving them on, there are over 50 of them including the room maker (yes, THAT one) with much more to come on a incoming update ^^ We are also archiving dolls, bases and resources from redistribution sites gone offline.

Would love to get everybody’s opinion on our progress so far and what you would like to see next, there’s a bunch of stuff not posted yet and I pick them at random when updating. Feel free to also leave doll makers recommendations that you would like to see archived as well. This was such a big part of my childhood and I would love to share it with everybody else!


My sister still plays around with these doll makers, haha. This is a great idea.
Love the layout. Everything’s looking and sounding good so far.

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Oh my God this is a DREAM for me! I love dolls of all shaps and sizes and to see them finally get archived in a new site is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Some of the old drag and drops I’ve seen around the internet have images that don’t work anymore and load so slowly. It’s so fun to see other dollmakers that aren’t just prep bases.

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I’ve come across your project before in the past, and I am SO HAPPY to see that you’re still doing it! Dollmakers were a bit part of my childhood too, and I still love playing around with them even now (I’ve got my own on my website, and it was one of the first projects I really wanted to do when I first began my site).

I don’t remember any of my favorites, unfortunately, but I do enjoy playing with the ones you’ve currently got. I look forward to seeing what’s coming in the future!