Anyone ever given a talk on webweaving and indie web stuff?

Not sure if this is the right category, but here goes!

I was invited to apply to speak at an event series for my local chapter of Women Who Code. This despite not technically having a tech career. I told the person who asked me that I’m mostly a hobbyist, and that’s apparently fine. I was thinking of speaking on the webweaver subculture and a few examples of its impact, but I wanted to ask around here and see if anyone has ideas for a talk? It’d only be 5-10 minutes, so it may not cross over into workshop territory , but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Ideas? I’m not really sure. I think there are a ton though. Whatever you decide, I advise it’s one you’re extra passionate about. Passion is infectious. It’s a useful quality to have when speaking.

I’m more here to share some of my favorite women, webweaving, conference-givers that I’ve listened to in the past year or so. Whether they give you ideas for a topic or ideas on how to talk, here they are:

Thank you so much! I love Maggie Appleton’s digital garden work—can’t wait to listen to these and get some inspiration.


i’m so sorry i missed this! did the event already happen? agree with @arevakhach here that you should pick an aspect that you’re excited about, something you can speak to passionately. that love is so contagious and deep, and it can help the words/subject flow out of you!

melonking did one IRL in 2022 that i was delighted to see: The Web Revival and the Folk Life of Virtual Worlds

while not a conference, i particularly love you’ve got kat’s video on the indie web.


It hasn’t happened yet! I’ve been so busy with work that i haven’t had time to sit down and think about anything, let alone look through all this, so I haven’t put in my app to speak yet… T_T That’s so awesome that Melonking did a whole talk!! I’m listening to it now. Thank you!

I didn’t know melon did a talk! I just watched it, it was really nice. you’ve got kat’s video is really good too, it’s actually what led me to the yw discord.

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