Any experiences with Tinypin?

Hello!! I received an email about Pinterest deleting some of my pins due to violating community guidelines (nothing crazy, just some pins expressing lesbian love :frowning:) and I think it was the final punch to get me to look for alternatives to Pinterest.

I’m writing to see if anyone here has any experience with Tinypin, would you recommend it? Are there any other pinterest alternatives that people in the community feel inclined to use, please let me know!


I have thought about pinterest alternatives but haven’t found any I really like yet. They mostly have seen more complicated than I’m able to do, and I do admit there’s something nice about outsourcing any possible copyright issues to be pinterest’s problem. I’ll give tinypin a look, though, and if I try it I’ll let you know!

I’ve found the following site to be really interesting and useful: Pinboard

For example, you can follow tags like this: webrings

I don’t use pinboard, but I know that it’s owned by Maciej Cegłowski, who I would consider to be a good egg. I really like some of his talks about tech & the web, although the one I like the most uses an unfortunate metaphor (The Website Obesity Crisis)*.

  • I don’t think obesity is a good metaphor for increasing website sizes for a number of different reasons, most of which I hope are obvious.).

I use Pinterest specifically for images, which wasn’t really a Pinboard option last time I used it. I agree that of the link collecting sites, it’s a good one, if a little basic- my only concern is that anything run by one person who hasn’t updated anything in a while is a little bit of a worry.