Announcing the 32-Bit Cafe Banner Exchange!

hello everyone! we’ve been talking about this as a community since before the discourse launch, so i’m pretty excited to roll this out!

first, i’ll ask that folks kindly consider turning off your ad blocker for the website, as we’ll now be displaying banner ads on the forum!


not the bad kind! the 32-bit cafe will now have a banner exchange promoting personal websites and projects around the independent web—and you can submit your banner right now!

sizes are limited to 728x90 and 320x50, and we recommend sending in a version of both for mobile responsiveness. they can be animated or static as long as they are in image formats (.gif, .png, .jpg, etc). feel free to submit as many banners as you’d like, but each form is attributed to one URL. if you have multiple URLs you’d like to submit, resubmit the form for each URL.

rules for banners:

  1. no NSFW banners. try to creatively censor curse words so we can keep browsing the forum at work!
  2. no commercial, for-profit projects. donation-based or subscription-model projects are OK, as long as the project is available for free and helps the independent web in some way.
  3. advertising projects that aren’t your own is OK. try to get permission from the project owner before doing this, but if you can’t, at least make the banner as non-controversial as possible.

you might begin to see ads promoting 32-bit cafe projects as we roll out these banner ads, and as we get more banners submitted, individual member’s banners! so excited to see what y’all come up with to promote your websites and projects!

current banners in rotation:

32-bit cafe house ad 1

32-bit cafe house ad 2

32-bit cafe house ad 3

32-bit cafe house ad 4

lexi’s hosting

key’s klubhouse

daryl sun

flamed fury

it’s not stupid

saurians suck

compact crayons

if you have any questions, feel free to ask below. :)


This might be a silly question, but are the banners longest horizontally or vertically? I’m assuming the first length is the x axis but I just want to make sure ^^

Also just a heads up that on tally the smaller banner is written as “32x50” instead of 320x50

Anyways, I’ll probably make one for my rainbow pages :3

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horizontally! and thank you for the catch, fixed!

I’ve been excited to learn about other people’s projects with banners, but unfortunately the animations were too distracting so I had to turn off ads again.

Could there perhaps be a thread of banners as well, so we can see them in one place?

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that’s a great idea! thank you!

and no worries - i know banner ads won’t be for everyone. having a list (in this thread, perhaps?) might help still showcase those projects and sites :)

edit the main post now has a list of the banners with links to the sites advertised! :)

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