32-Bit Cafe RSS feed?

Something that I appreciate about a lot of forums is the ability to subscribe to the whole forum with RSS. Every time someone posts something new, it pops up in your RSS reader, and you can read it from there!

If this were any other type of community, I’d shrug off (seemingly? maybe I’m just not looking in the right place) not having an RSS feed, because not many people use it anymore. But in a group of people all about the indie web and old web, I imagine way more of us use RSS than the average community!

I am unsure of how Discourse works from the developer side, but if there’s a way to create an RSS feed, I’m sure lots of folks would appreciate it! Alternatively, if anyone knows a way to tracka site that doesn’t have an RSS feed using RSS, that would also be amazing!

TL;DR: I would like the 32-Bit Cafe feed in my RSS reader, and I imagine lots of others would too!


the whole forum’s feed is at https://discourse.32bit.cafe/latest.rss

you can also get feeds for individual posts by adding .rss to the end of the URL. using this post as an example: https://discourse.32bit.cafe/t/32-bit-cafe-rss-feed/982.rss


Hell yes! :meow_cheer: Was there any place that this was linked, and I just missed?

Links to the RSS feeds are in the metadata of each page, so most modern feed readers should be able to find it if you just give it the forum URL (or the URL of specific categories/topics/tags you want to follow). That said, I do agree that the visibility of the RSS feeds could be improved, which is something I will look into.


I was just thinking the same thing, and I had no idea it was already possible. Thanks so much for this! ^^ I was too young to really have a feed when RSS was more common, but using it now in the places that still support it has completely changed my relationship with the web. I wish every site had it built into their API.