2024 Website Refresh, What About My Colours?

Hey team. I like to change my design yearly; you can check past designs on my website history page.

It’s about that time of the year again. I’m working on a new design for 2024, but I’m stuck on whether I should switch up my colour scheme, so I’m reaching out to the community to see what you all think.

  • Yes, change the colours
  • No, I like the current colours
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I may or may not use the results of this poll to influence my decision for the new design.

Thanks for reading :P

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personally i am very pro-orange so i say keep the orange! maybe it could use a touch of another complementary color in there to mix it up just a little bit?

Thank you! I’m also loving the orange at the moment. I’ve tried with some greens and it doesn’t seem to fit my style at the moment. Which is something as I’ve never had orange feature on any of the previous designs…

I’m definitely looking at some secondary and accent colours to spice things up.

thank you for replying :blush:

idk I think your site seems visually striking with the orange, it makes everything pop!

okay great, thanks for that, i needed to hear that!

i’ve got ideas for chopping up the layout on a couple of pages!

Bringing the convo with @doubleincision over here…

i like the way you have the album art displayed next to the info, and the page is overall very tidy, but it is long…maybe since you have several instances of “multiple albums from the same artist” grouping those in some way could condense the info a bit? my first thought was tabs or a collapsing/expanding list🤔

How about an album art grid similar to my bookshelf page? A popover <dialogue> box displays the info when an album is clicked.

i do love a grid! looks great the way you did it with the rounded corners, too. that would lend itself very nicely to displaying album art :+1:

I’ll have a go tomorrow. yay.

I also want to figure out something nicer for the collections page and what the links look like. Defaulted to the card look for now.

Maybe a graphical element could work nicely?

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Ohh what are you planning to use? Are you going to change the layout for the webpage at some point?

What do you mean like that?

The website will largely remain the same.
I’m looking at changing the homepage layout, and exploring individual page layouts with how information is presented.

I mean if you’re going to use an graphic element, what would it be?

Oh right! On the home page, where I have the orange banner and FLAMED FURY I want to do something graphical there. 2000s style photo shop blend and smudge type thing.

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I’m really liking the use of filled in svg’s for subtle hints and breaking up parts of the page…

Finished most of the back end changes, in the process of porting over the API calls now and I’ll be done and can focus on the graphical elements.

However, I’ve been distracting myself with exploring what some of the “under construction” pages from the past few years might end up looking like. The [Gameshelf}(Gameshelf) page is just a bunch of lists at the moment…

Starting to look like this now…

Alrighty, I’ve got most of everything sorted.

The one thing I’m not happy with is the current collections page. As a menu item it doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

This may spur an entire refresh into my structure, but unsure what to do with it right now.

I’ll think about it while preparing dinner

Change for the sake of change alone is perhaps not great, but there’s something about change on a website to me that is really nice. Kind-of like emitting the signal: “Hey! This website is alive!”. Now, too much / overhaul change, maybe not, but colours? Totally! Go for it, yo!

Oh I’m going for it all right. Nothing too drastic. Lots of tidying up around the place.

I’m hoping to fast follow with some graphical elements that had been missing from the 2023 design.

Just pushed 500+ changes. A bit of visual tweaks, lots of background changes. Now I can start on the homepage overhaul…


Feed is broken atm - back soon…

Thanks for adding a light theme :)

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