What are you self-hosting?

Got some really cool projects from all the comments, some of the things on my side:

  • Miniflux: RSS Reader
  • Forgejo: Git forge
  • Mattermost: Chat and notifications
  • Shiori: Bookmark manager (PSA: I’m the current maintainer)
  • n8n: Automation
  • Node-Red: More automation (can’t decide between n8n and Node-Red)
  • ArchiveBox: Archival, though I rarely use it.
  • Syncthing relay: My own relay to use with the Syncthing file sync clients

I had other services that I let go because I didn’t use them and I’m currently moving my home services into a k3s cluster, since I use kubernetes at work is a good learning process.


I have been hosting my own websites on what I call The Server in the Cellar for 20 years. I know the trend is to use something like Docker with Cloudflare tunnels, but I use a straight install of Apache.

The OS has varied oveer the years, it started off with Windows 2000, then I used Fedora for a few years, and now it’s on Windows 10.

I recently digitized thousands of family photos and am looking at hosting something to display those. My leading contender for that is currently Piwigo bu that might change before I get round to installing something.

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How is it? Where do you host it?

Does it work well for you? I have all my photos in folders but I’ve never found an app that has everything I want.

I wanted to host it but I currently only have a raspberry pi, and paying 5 euros / month for a server with just 2GB of RAM.

I am running it on PikaPods https://www.pikapods.com/ I have not done much with the instance other than dump my photos into it honestly. I do plan to look into it more as I venture more into some plans I have with photography, but as of now it is just another place for my photos to be.

I’m another person who self-hosts some services using PikaPods.

As of this writing, I’m running:

I’m also currently testing Memos for daily usage, and considering running Paperless.

My home box hosts Jellyfin. My VPS is predominantly just an email forwarder & IRC bouncer but also hosts some of my buggy pet projects including:

  • An image host
  • A notes/mindmapping webapp
  • A google reader clone

It used to host a lot more, but many of my tools and projects are essentially static web apps and so I moved most of those onto Netlify recently.

Pretty soon I plan to just build a proper little energy-efficient server to keep in my basement and use the VPS only for emails, but that has to wait for funds and space to become available :sob: