The Decline of Tech Literacy and What We Can Do About It

That post really does sum it up, and gets to the issue quite efficiently!

If, for example, a user is easily allowed to convert their movie library to a platform agnostic file format, it would lower their costs associated with leaving the plantation. Their masters simply cannot allow this.

This, especially, feels very accurate. Spotify, for example, has a specific filetype that makes it nearly impossible to actually save any music to your own computer. Now, it is obviously a streaming service, but some of the things on there can’t be found elsewhere and as such ought to be preserved etc etc. That’s it’s own sidetrack.

Compared to using other services with actual files and such, you don’t actually learn anything aside from, as mentioned, how to navigate Spotify. What a waste, on some level. Thanks for linking the article!


I’m coming into this conversation way late and I apologize if this has been mentioned.

How about building/writing helpful websites: tech guides, how to, FAQs, glossaries of tech terms, etc.? This combines your love of webweaving with your personal expertise on the subject. Plus it helps others and the bonus to others is you are not trying to sell visitors anything or drown them in advertising. Win - win.

Sure there are guides and posts on the web already but there cannot be too many, written for all skill levels. You cannot get too basic or too high level. Plus each writers voice is different, their skills are different. This kind of free learning is exactly what the web is for IMHO.

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This thread: Guide Recommendations, might be of interest to you!

This is my biggest gripe with the current trend of everything being a web interface now. There is no consistency between user interfaces now, so learning how to navigate Spotify doesn’t help you navigate YouTube Music or Discord (for example). When everything was a desktop application, even software made for two completely different purposes would have common UI elements, which makes learning how to navigate your computer much easier.