How do you organize your email?

I feel like we could be e-mail soulmates!

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Are you all using web email for this, or do you have a favourite desktop / phone client?

This is where I’m at too! I felt cluttered with my old system (multiple emails all using gmail) but since I began learning more about privacy literacy and using proton, I’m going keeping things as tidy as I can since I got to start with a clean slate anyways. It was a breath of fresh air lol

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Right now I’m using browser for the most part. I do have a phone client downloaded but it feels weird writing emails on my phone, so I mostly use that to quickly read and delete non-actionable emails.

For Proton and Gmail I use both web email and the Android apps on the phone. Yahoo and the ISP I use only on the desktop.

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I use mostly the web based clients. I’ve used Thunderbird in the past but now I use Fastmail’s web based client and good 'ol Roundcube for the addresses I have through a web hosting plan

I only really use the web versions. I think they’re the easiest. Anything mobile is a pain in the butt to use by comparison (for anything other than reading), and as cool as Thunderbird is, I mainly use it as a feed reader. I think I’d need to upgrade to a paid account to do anything on desktop with Proton anyway (which is totally worth it, just not exactly in my budget right now).

I filter mercilessly. Incoming mail from corporations goes into a separate folder and is automatically marked as “read” because corporations are not people and have nothing of value to say. I don’t need to keep getting emails from a business just because I bought something from them once.

Mail from people goes into another folder but remains marked “unread” until I’ve actually read it. It’s important to me to maintain correspondence with other people, but mail from corporations threatens to drown out mail that actually matters.

The only mail that gets into my inbox is stuff from new correspondents that I haven’t filtered yet – or spam that Fastmail hasn’t learned to catch on their own.

I have a msn email from when I was 12 that is named after a Slayer album. That’s a desolate wasteland after 24 years. I barely use it.

I have two Gmail addresses: one is chaos.goat and used for everything, one is firstname.lastname and used only for a few official things.

Then I have my work email.

How do I sort and categorize them? I have a few rules on the work and chaos.goat emails to take care of automated stuff but that’s it. Off the top of my head I’m not sure how many emails are in my personal Gmail but it’s north of 70k.

My work email after 6 years has over 100k unread messages with probably that many put into folders automatically and marked read (automated ones) and another 30k or so that have been read/responded to.

I greatly enjoy taking screenshots of my work inbox and using it to give certain coworkers anxiety.

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Fell a little behind on organizing my personal email and my inbox is a little messy. Working on getting some rules created to sort them into their appropriate folders.